The UK’s Psychoactive Substances Bill could mean jail for those buying herbal remedies

A shocking statement, I know, but the threat is very real.  This Bill is founded on good intentions and aims to ban ‘legal highs’ but the way it is drafted means that if you buy an herbal remedy online you could be branded a ‘criminal’.  The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD) has been in contact with the UK’s Home Secretar

Precision Medicine Catapult comes to Cambridge?

Innovate UK, the UK Government’s innovation agency, is creating a new Catapult for Precision Medicine and it’s looking for a home.  On Friday (29 January 2015) the Catapult Set-up Team came to Cambridge to see if we could be the optimum location.  Chris Ball, Team Leader, presented their vision and expectations at a meeting held at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus on the Addenbrooke’s Hospital

Pharmaceuticals, diabetes and beer?

Yes, you wouldn't think that anyone would consider beer as a potential treatment for diabetes!  To be fair, we're actually looking at hops and to be even more specific, a hops-derived compound.

They've discovered that the hops found in beer can be broken down and spun out into therapeutic molecules, regulating body weight and glucose metabolism.

From Lab to Market: CUSPE Lecture, Friday 14 March 2014 (Cambridge)

As ever CUSPE attracted a great audience from all walks of life, a wide age range and a variety of backgrounds.  In fact the audience was a pretty good representation of the types of people needed to make up a good team in order to take a product “from Lab to Market”.  Read on to learn more!

There was a good line up of speakers for this event:

TOPRA Awards 2014 – an opportunity to say “thank you” to regulatory affairs professionals

Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is passionate about raising the profile of regulatory affairs professionals.  “Too often they are the unsung heroes of the Life Science Industry” says Greer Deal, Director “everyone is always really impressed with the inventors, the scientists and the investors but rarely do you hear about the regulatory professionals who have been working hard in the background to ensure, for example, the successful registration of a product.  This is why the annual

“Threats to everyone everywhere, is a threat to the individual anywhere”

Quote by Dr Margaret Hamburg, 21st Commissioner of the US FDA at the MHRA Annual Lecture, Royal College of Physicians (London), 6 March 2014

The Daily Telegraph states “We’ve cracked it”

Yes on 30 January 2014, this well respected newspaper headlined on its front page “We’ve cracked it: scientists announce breakthrough treatment for nut allergies”.  For such a small nut, this peanut therapy was certainly making some waves. 

A tribute to Professor Man Fong Mei: A pioneer in Chinese medicine and East-West integration

On Saturday 1 February 2014 the Directors of Global Regulatory Services (GRS), Bobby and Greer Deal, joined the Mei family to honour and celebrate “Benny’s” life and also to welcome in the year of the Green Wooden Horse

Research – Greer Deal's firsthand experience as a ‘patient’

One day, I received a letter from my doctor inviting me to take part in some research.  I thought “why not?  I’m always dealing with the regulatory compliance side of research so let’s see what it’s like to be on the receiving end as an active participant.”

Are CROs driving job creation in life sciences?

This was the debate arranged by One Nucleus and hosted by Deloitte in Cambridge on 27 November 2013.  Greer Deal, Director of Global Regulatory Services (GRS) was there.

Panel members from the UK and Denmark included: