First meeting with UK's Parliamentary & Scientific Committee

On Tuesday 12th June 2012, the Directors of GRS attended their first meeting with the UK's Parliamentary & Scientific Committee in the House of Commons.  It started with the Annual General Meeting which was interesting in itself!  This was followed by discussion and debate about whether or not the EU regulations are adequate for animal research, an understandably sensitive issue.  Representatives from the Home Office, the RSPCA and Lilly UK presented on the subject which ensured there was a good cross section of views and opinions delivered to attendees.  It was concluded that bureaucracy has been decreased which is a positive step for R&D in the UK but, most importantly, animal welfare in the UK remains at its current high standards.

Bobby and Greer Deal of GRS are particularly pleased to be involved with this committee because GRS is the first dedicated Regulatory Affairs Consultancy to be a member and it is great that the importance of regulatory affairs professionals is being recognised at Government level.   Greer says “As many of you know, I’m passionate about raising the profile of regulatory affairs professionals as, only too often, they are the unsung heroes of the life science industry.  I believe that our company’s membership to this Committee is the perfect opportunity to emphasise the essential and often critical role of the regulatory professional.  I’m looking forward to GRS being a very active member!”

Bobby also adds "We have a great team of people working with us and as the company is the member (and not individual people) this means that anyone within our team can represent us at these meetings or during consultations should the subject be one which matches their particular area of expertise.  This is helping us to achieve one of our company's key objectives which is to act as a conduit between industry and policymakers (and vice versa) highlighting what works well, in addition to the challenges, with the ultimate aim of making the UK a centre of excellence for the life sciences".

We aim to report back to you on a regular basis as we become more involved in the Committee's activities.