At GRS we have identified NanoTechnology as being an area of particular interest to the life science industry.  The global nanomedicine market is expected to grow to nearly $131 billion by 2016.  If this growth is achieved it will mean that this sector will have more than doubled in 6 years.

With ever increasing activity in this space, we have secured professionals who specialise in NanoTechnology and NanoMedicines.  We can translate technical, clinical and market evidence on NanoMedicines into business intelligence which can then be implemented into a company's development programme, investment or acquisition strategy.  We can also provide evidence based assessments of NanoTechnologies to determine their potential as NanoMedicines.  To further complement this offering, GRS is able to provide expert regulatory guidance and support throughout the development, submission and post-marketing phases of a product’s lifecycle.


Please contact us with your specific regulatory compliance requirements.  We look forward to working with you.