Translation Services

Global Regulatory Services can arrange for your documents to be translated into multi-languages by using translators who are experienced in the life sciences.

For any document which is translated we recommend that it is checked by a second, equally qualified translator who will check the accuracy, consistency and style of the original translation against the source text.

Copy-editing is the next step.  Copy-editors are trained to screen a text for style, grammar, consistency and accuracy.  The aim of the copy-editor is to arrive at a final text that reads as well in translation as the original, if not better.

For complete peace of mind, we can arrange for a back translation.  This is the process of translating a document which has already been translated into another language back to its original or source language and is undertaken by an independent translator.  The original and back translated documents are then compared to check that the initial translation has been correctly understood.

Please contact us with your specific regulatory compliance requirements.