Why choose Global Regulatory Services (GRS)?

“Making the unusual seem usual”

Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is a truly global company offering a holistic approach to the regulatory requirements of the Life Science Industry.  So why choose GRS?

  • We provide a personalised, quality and cost effective service and work hard at developing a long-term partnering relationship with our clients. 
  • We have a solid reputation for being extremely well connected worldwide and therefore, can offer you a truly holistic solution significantly increasing your chances for a successful outcome.
  • Key agency contacts are only a phone call away ensuring rapid response turnaround and information which can be relied upon.
  • We have considerable experience working to solve issues where there is no previous regulatory precedence.
  • We provide ‘on the ground’ country specific knowledge as well as scientific expertise.
  • Our professionals are native speakers living in their own countries with a well established good working relationship with their local authorities and regulatory agencies.
  • Many GRS professionals have specialised in very niche areas of the life science industry, for example, nanotechnology and stem cell therapies.
  • GRS professionals have an excellent track record in helping companies to achieve their objectives.
  • We have EMA SME status so that our eligible clients (human and veterinary) can take advantage of the incentives on offer which includes 90% fee reductions for scientific advice and GMP/GCP/GLP/PV inspections.  Click on this web link for more information about the incentives available via GRS.
  • GRS has a $2 million professional liability insurance which has worldwide coverage (including Canada and the USA).
  • Headquartered in Cambridgeshire, GRS is on the doorstep of both the UK MHRA and EMA based in London and therefore, can readily attend agency meetings with and on behalf of clients.
  • With GRS as a key member of your product team at early stage development, you will discover that our regulatory advice will save you time and therefore, money.
  • By working with GRS you will be investing in your product portfolio, your company and your future: we will add value to your company whether it is for the long term or for your future investors as part of your exit strategy.


Please contact us to discuss your particular regulatory compliance requirements.  We look forward to working with you.