Outsourcing - Key Advantages

Individuals with numerous years of experience in their field who share our vision and are in tune with GRS’ core values of honesty, trust and integrity.

Access to expertise which isn’t usually available in-house as cost prohibitive.

Thinking "outside the box"
External consultants can bring fresh ideas and a new perspective to client projects.

Interpretation of Regulations
Key to GRS' success is the ability of their professionals to interpret regulations using their local knowledge and good working relationship with key health authorities and notified bodies.

Knowledge Transfer
GRS is committed to education and the sharing of knowledge.

Cost Effective
Pay for hours actually worked (no overheads, no staff or recruitment costs, services can be “switched on and off”).

Space Saving
Can work virtually (no need for client to provide a desk or expensive IT equipment).

Time Saving
By ‘taking away’ work, all other objectives can be achieved ensuring you remain ahead of your competitors.

If a GRS professional is unable to work due to illness etc there is someone else who can carry on the work ensuring deadlines are still met.