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Next Vitafoods Europe Event to be held in Geneva, 14-16 May 2013


If you're interested in foods, dietary supplements, herbals, nutraceuticals then Vitafoods is the show for you.

2012 was my first experience of Vitafoods Europe.  It was extremely well organised from start to finish and attracted a wide range of exhibitors and delegates.  There was certainly a buzz about the place and I found it particularly interesting talking to exhibitors about their current products and future developments.  It's certainly the place to visit if you want to see what the future trends are likely to be.  If you want to keep your finger on the pulse, I would strongly recommend this as a 'not to be missed' show.


I also presented at the last event on the subject of: "EU Regulations: Compliance and Enforcement - The Reality" which formed part of the "Health Claims and Regulation" session.  Even though this was the last session on the very last day of Vitafoods Europe I was pleasantly surprised at the number of attendees.  In my opinion this demonstrated the importance of the subject.


On 30th April 2011 the Directive on Traditional Herbal Medicinal products was fully enforced throughout Europe.  To this day, many companies continue to operate outside this Directive even though it is now law.  They can do this because the agencies simply don't have the resource to enforce the Directive.  So it's down to the industry to do its own policing. 


But how many people or companies are going to do this when they are making good financial returns without having to comply?  Of course, this is completely unfair to those organisations who have invested heavily in terms of both time and money so that they are fully compliant.  Understandably, "war has been declared" between the two sides of this industry.


So bearing this in mind what, if anything, will happen after the 11th July 2013?  Why is this a significant date?  Well this is the date when the 'new' Cosmetics Products Regulation supercedes the Cosmetics Directive.  In the same way as the Herbal Industry, the Cosmetic Industry is, like the Ostrich, tending to "bury it's head in the sand".  Well that's what I'm seeing so far.  The Cosmetics Products Regulation demands signficant change with the key emphasis being consumer safety


There is a huge backlog of work to go through before July next year because all existing product Safety Assessments and Product Information Files must be brought into line with the 'new' Regulation.  I'll be writing more about this in the coming weeks.


So what about Vitafoods Europe?  Well, I'm wondering if the Cosmetic Products Regulation will be the main topic of conversation in May 2013 in much the same way as herbals and EU health claims was earlier this year?  Representatives of Global Regulatory Services (GRS) will be there to find out.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Author: Greer Deal, Director of Global Regulatory Services