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UK: Cannabis company enjoys major growth


I had to smile at this article for 4 key reasons:

  1. the very obvious "play on words" in the article's title i.e. a plant-based company enjoying major growth - just in case you didn't get it first time around!
  2. the fact that a plant-based medicine has been successfully developed and launched over coming the major challenge of having 420 molecules rather than the standard one.
  3. the company is successful during the current economic crisis with a turnover of more than Ј30 million and, more importantly, it is in profit, and
  4. GW Pharma is soon to be Global Regulatory Services' neighbour - we congratulate you on your success and look forward to offering you a warm welcome.

Seriously, though, this article is proof that plant-based medicine can be developed and marketed.  Of course, it's great news for GW Pharma but it should also inspire others to follow in their footsteps.  And don't forget that patients are also benefitting. 


Currently, Sativex is being presribed to those suffering from multiple sclerosis.  There are plans already in place, however, for this cannabis medicine to be further developed for the treatment of cancer pain, epilepsy, rheumatoid arthritis and schizophrenia.


Author: Greer Deal, Director of Global Regulatory Services (GRS)