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"Blame the breast implants": GRS is featured in Cambridge Business Magazine


Global Regulatory Services (GRS) is featured in the May 2014 edition of the Cambridge Business Magazine.  The article is entitled "Blame the breast implants" - eye catching to say the least! - and summarises an Asia-Pacific Technology Network meeting (chaired by Greer Deal, Director of GRS) discussing the ever increasing and more stringent regulations affecting the Medical Technology Industry which has escalated ever since the breast implant scandal.  We weren't discussing just the regulations in Europe but also making a comparison with Japan and China and whether or not the regulatory burden in these countries differed to Europe.

So what was the conclusion?  No matter where you are in the world:

"The key challenge is to keep up with regulatory changes and be as prepared as you can be for when they are implemented. In a rapidly changing regulatory environment, you may well be compliant now but possibly not for long. In medical technology, even more than other sectors, the only guarantee is that regulations will change, and the big question is 'can you keep up?'"