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Inaugural Seminar of Medicon Village Business Academy


What a great start to the series of seminars which are being arranged by the Medicon Village Business Academy for the tenants of The Village and the Ideon Science Park.


Steve Smith of Potter Clarkson had the honour of launching today's inaugural event.  He focused on why you should have an IP strategy.  A key take home message was that your IP strategy must be a living strategy with the ability to evolve as you, your product and your company evolves.


If you didn't know already, patents, trade marks, designs & copyright, confidential information and technical 'know how' are all part of your Intellectual Property (IP).  These form layers of protection for your business.  So don't think that having a patent is protecting your IP because it's only one aspect of it!

Steve also emphasised the importance of having patents which support the company's business objectives and vision.  If they don't then the patent is "just a very expensive piece of paper". 


Apparently there are some common mistakes which are made all too often.  One of these is saying something too soon and once said, you immediately lose the right to patent.  So "mum's the word" as we say in England!


Some valuable lessons were learnt this morning and there was good Q&A both during and after the seminar.  

Next Seminar will be on Tuesday 5th March at 08:30.  Greer Deal will be presenting (on behalf of Global Regulatory Services) on the 'fascinating' subject of Regulatory Affairs and how it is critical to define your product so that you know how to develop it.


Medicon Village Business Academy Steering Group